Sober Pacific Living of New Method Wellness is located in an upscale neighborhood of San Juan Capistrano, California, and enjoys beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Up to ten sober residents share this beautiful beach home and all of its amenities. Each bedroom offers a plasma TV, a full-sized pillow- top mattress, 400-plus count sheets and spa towels, and an individual desk. The house boasts expansive common living areas and a huge, state of the art, gourmet kitchen; wireless internet access, an air hockey table, fireplaces, spacious lawns and gardens with out door fireplaces and ranchos, and ocean views are just a few of the many lovely extras.

Generally the environment of most California outpatient rehab  and primary treatment facilities are quite regimented, supervised and clinical. Not so with Sober Pacific Living at New Method Wellness. At Sober Pacific Living, we strive to create a safe, comfortable, casual yet effective and professional environment for healing.

Avoiding drugs and alcohol is much easier when guidance, counseling, group support and daily routine and structure are available. There are always counseling sessions to attend, 12-Step meetings to go to, group discussions and a variety of other activities that continually keep the recovering addict focused on recovery and occupied.


Programs at Sober Pacific Living through New Method Wellness include Detox, Primary Care, Dual Diagnosis, executive rehab , Faith Based Addiction Recovery and outpatient drug rehab. The strong sense of community among the residents is created from sharing a firm commitment to recovery. Residents work together using skills learned in treatment to support one another in early sobriety.

Call for Availability: 800-866-1824

The Sober Pacific Living home provides a staff resident, there to offer support and to ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients to promote recovery. Transportation to and from meetings and access to a 24-hour fitness gym are thrown into the mix to help you build and sustain your physical, mental and spiritual stamina.

Some of the amenities include:

  1. Free transportation to group meetings
  2. Access to 24-hour fitness gym
  3. Digital cable
  4. Wireless internet access
  5. Plasma televsions in each bedroom
  6. Access to over 100 12-step meetings per week if desired

Community activities include:

  1. Volleyball
  2. Surfing
  3. Basketball
  4. Golfing
  5. Kayaking
  6. Softball
  7. Fishing
  8. Hiking


Many additional amenities and opportunities to help you build physical and emotional muscle. For an additional fee, we will arrange any of the following services and amenities:

  • Life coach or counselor
  • Private yoga instruction
  • Massage therapy
  • Fitness boot camp
  • Horseback riding

Many other popular local outings are scheduled to help you and your housemates get into the mainstream of living.

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