Why Rehab? Can’t I Go it Alone?

Many people with addictions are adverse to the concept of rehab. Why do you need rehab? Can’t you just buckle down and rehabilitate yourself? Does every single person that has an addiction problem have to go to rehab to be cured?

The answer is that there is no clear-cut, black or white solution for everyone. The answer lies within you, and what kind of treatment you respond to.

If you have a lot of outside triggers in your life, and need to physically remove yourself from those triggers to be able to focus on getting better, than professional rehab might be a good choice for you. Most experts agree that it is important to at least try to get sober at home, in your own environment, before resorting to an inpatient facility. That way, you are not overwhelmed when you leave the safety and security of rehab and you are more prepared to deal with the real world.  A sober coach or companion is the a good way to go in the case that your choose to try first at home. Always, a good recovery support group

Rehab facilities can be very helpful for addicts who need to detox under the care of a medical professional. It can also be helpful in engaging addicts in a social and supportive environment that can be helpful in recovery. Addictions thrive in isolation, and it is much easier to fight them if you have more people in your corner.

Of course, there are the people who can get sober in the “real world” without intervention and professional help, but those are definitely few and far between. The fact is that everyone benefits from professional addiction treatment, whether it be outpatient therapy or a primary care intensive live-in program. It really helps to have a place where you feel safe and supported, so that can really get on the road to recovery.

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