Our Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee for Positive Growth Extended Care

While a comprehensive guarantee of sobriety or freedom from the issues of alcohol or drug addiction would be impossible to give due to the nature of addiction, Sober Pacific Living of New Method Wellness does offer a guarantee of life-long aftercare support to alumni who have graduated from our primary care program.

Each Alumni is always welcome at the New Method Wellness outpatient program treatment center. As graduated alumni, clients are welcome to stop by the treatment center any Thursday during program hours without prior arrangement to catch up, attend a group or participate in therapeutic activities. Furthermore, alumni are always free to contact their primary therapist or other staff members when needed.

  • Eligibility: The lifetime guarantee applies to the outpatient treatment center (not the sober living facilities) and individuals having completed the primary care or intensive outpatient program. The definition of having completed the program is defined by the client counselor and is reflected within their discharge paperwork. Any discharge against staff advice or an administrative discharge is NOT program completion.
  • Alumni day is always Thursday. To be on premises any other day alumni must make arrangements with New Method Wellness staff.
  • Alumni must be completely drug and alcohol free while on the premises.
  • For the sake of privacy, alumni presence in a group is subject to approval by current clients and therapists.
  • New Method Wellness retains the right to refuse admission to any individual who was discharged for disruptive behavior, harm to other clients, or noncompliance with treatment center or house rules. This is in order to ensure the safety and recovery of all clients.
  • Alumni aftercare does not include meals, massage, Acupuncture, equine therapy or Medical Visits.
  • We are counting on our alumni to be sensitive to the needs of current clients. If there is not enough room for everyone to do Yoga, for example, we respectfully request that alumni volunteer to sit out.
  • Although alumni are welcome to visit sober living facilities with prior arrangement, this guarantee does not extend to free room and board at any sober living facility.