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For many, the first step in the process of recovery is detoxification. We offer a safe and comfortable detoxification process that allows for stabilization under the care of a doctor who specializes in addictionology. Stopping the use of an addictive substance can increase stress and anxiety due to the addict’s physical and emotional relationship with the substance. Seeking supportive, qualified help through a medical detox is a very important first step in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. At Sober Pacific Living we have created a practical, soothing detox program that combined addiction medicine and alternative therapies to help make our clients as comfortable as possible during this difficult time.

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Primary Care

Sober Pacific Living offers services to those who have not had previous treatment or who need stabilization after a recent relapse. Our Primary Residential Care program offers our highest level of structure for those needing external support in the early stages of recovery. Clinical programming is intensified to give our client the education and therapeutic interventions necessary as they build the foundation for their healing.

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Intensive Out-Patient Program

For those who live locally and need therapeutic support for their ongoing recovery but do not need a residential treatment center, Sober Pacific Living offers our Intensive Outpatient Program. Our IOP is made up of holistic and evidence base therapeutic techniques coupled with a 12-step approach to recovery. We provide group therapy, life skills, psychiatry, yoga, acupuncture, family and individual counseling up to five days per week. Those who live in our Sober Living homes or other sober livings in the area are also welcome to attend our IOP for additional support.

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Sober Living

Sober Pacific Living offers gender specific sober living in a beautiful setting. Both our Men’s and Women’s residences are located in Dana Point, CA and offer nurturing, family-like environments to facilitate the next critical step in the recovery process. When clients no longer need the structure of a residential treatment center but are not ready to return home, sober living is an excellent opportunity to practice your new sobriety skills. Our Sober Living programs provide the perfect bridge from primary treatment back to “real life”. For those who need therapeutic services, we can couple our Sober Living programs with our Intensive Outpatient Program for just the right combination.

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Sober Coaching

Sober Coaching offers clients new to sobriety extra support when they graduate from Sober Pacific Living or return home. The transition from the treatment setting, back home is often a very scary and tenuous time for those newly in recovery. It is a time when relapse behaviors can rear their ugly head almost without warning. Sober Coaching can be a critical component in assuring one’s ongoing sobriety. One on one coaching is offered either in person or by telephone and can address such important issues as: how to make new friends, how to teach loved ones how best to support you, how to live in a world with drugs and alcohol without relapse, how to find a job, dating in recovery, communication skills, establishing boundaries and how to find quality 12-step meetings at home.

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Private Counseling

Sober Pacific Living also offers specific Private Counseling to those in need. Many clients come to us with specific treatment requests that are best addressed in one-on-one counseling. We have a staff of accredited therapists to handle these requests. Requirements for counseling made by employers, courts, or others are often the reasons a client may choose Sober Pacific Living for Private Counseling. Our emphasis is not only on issues related to drug or alcohol abuse, but also on other self-defeating addictive behaviors.

[spacer size=”10″] [divider] [spacer size=”10″] At Sober Pacific Living, we strive to offer our clients the best that the treatment world has to offer. We believe that by offering our clients the full continuum of care in a safe, dignified and nurturing environment we are offering them an amazing opportunity not just for recovery but for a life of purpose and meaning.

Call today Sober Pacific Living at 800-416-8156 to find out more about our services and how we can help you begin your new life in recovery.