Dual Diagnosis

Sober Pacific Living offers dual diagnosis programs that are effective in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. The common definition of co-occurring disorders is when an individual is suffering from two or more mental, emotional or physical disorders at the same time. We offer outstanding treatment for dual diagnosis clients and use a holistic, individualized approach with which we have been very successful.

Disorders Commonly Associated with Dual Diagnosis

There are an array of treatment centers in the United States that offer effective dual diagnosis treatment, however at New Method, located in beautiful Orange County, we believe our innovative approach to both mental illness and addiction offers the best possible environment for people to create a foundation in recovery. People that are in recovery for co-occurring disorders usually have a psychiatric diagnosis and a substance abuse diagnosis that can include both drugs and alcohol.

Dual diagnosis patients may have difficulty stabilizing in the beginning of their recovery if they are in need of medication management, however once the treatment process for these co-occurring disorders takes place, they will feel better and healthier than ever before. The medical professionals and addiction medicine professionals at New Method work closely with clients on an individual and group level while also encouraging them to take advantage of our many alternative therapy options.

We welcome you to take a closer look at our dual diagnosis programs and co-occurring disorders treatment, as dual afflictions can be dangerously cyclic and cunning. Contact us today at New Method Wellness to find out more about the drug and alcohol treatment programs we have to offer.