We understand that the cost of treatment can be just as frightening and overwhelming as the decision to seek help in the first place. Drug addiction and alcoholism can wreak havoc upon your finances as well as your health and sometimes the thought of paying for treatment can seem like an impossible feat. Regardless of your financial situation, we aim to honor the courageous choice you’ve made to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one and we can and will connect you with the best financial assistance available.

Though detox and rehabilitation at a top-notch facility like Sober Pacific Living of New Method Wellness is rarely cheap, it can be affordable through financing. Sober Pacific Living of New Method Wellness is pleased to offer loan assistance though our partnership with Together, we are able to offer loan approval within 24-48 hours via a no-obligation, risk-free application process. Best of all, payments can be as low as $300 a month.

No one should be denied a chance at a better, sober life for lack of funds. Don’t let financial worries burden you or deter you from seeking the treatment that you -or your loved one- so desperately need.