If you are concerned about a loved one’s alcohol or drug abuse, you likely know how difficult it can be to convince an addict to seek treatment. Denial is a hallmark of addiction and it can often be difficult to get the addict to face their problem, let alone take steps toward recovery; therefore, staging an intervention may be the most effective means of persuading the addict to accept help.

At Sober Pacific Living of New Method Wellness, we understand the desperation, pain, and suffering that goes along with loving someone who is actively addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Sometimes, when an addict is so entangled in his illness, he is incapable of crawling out of the darkness alone.  Together, through intervention, we can reach him.

For the addict who is unwilling or unable to help himself, Sober Pacific Living of New Method Wellness offers comprehensive intervention services.  We have Intervention Services & Detox Pre-Primary Treatment trained interventionists on staff who are willing to travel to you and who will work with your family to plan and execute the intervention.

Most importantly, a skilled Treatment interventionist will arrange an Executive Sober Living treatment plan ahead of time. Should your loved one choose to accept help at the intervention’s conclusion, he or she will be immediately and seamlessly escorted to a Sober Pacific Living of New Method Wellness facility.

Our intervention services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pre-intervention family counseling
  • Intervention planning meetings
  • Assistance with intervention site selection
  • Treatment planning & coordinating
  • An optional treatment escort (recommended)

To find out if a Intervention Services & Detox Pre-Primary Treatment intervention is the best option for your loved one, and to find out more about the services offered at Sober Pacific Living, call today and speak with an intake specialist at 800-416-8156.